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Monday, November 14, 2011

Obnoxious or just different?

Ok, let's stir things up a little and talk about some things that might be a little controversial, smoking, drinking, costumes, etc. So my interpretation of nudists or naturists are those folks that love to be natural in nature. They love to be healthy. And, they don't equate nudity with sex. So then why are there so many nudists that wear high heels and provocative little outfits by the pool? Why does naked time mean it's time to open the cooler and crack open lots of beer or hard alcohol, get drunk, get loud, and light up some cigarettes? Am I a prude or does this offend others too? Now, I'm all about people having the right to express themselves, but I find it inappropriate, especially in environments that tout themselves as family friendly. While many nudists are trying to educate society that nudity is not sexual there are other nudists and resorts that are promoting the sexual side of nudity to bring in newbies or to hook up with others for "parties". Here's an example, Ponderosa Sun Club in Indiana has an annual contest where both genders dance in front of an audience, which includes non-members. The dancers use poles, G-strings, etc to rile up the audience and win titles such as "Best Boobs". Porn stars assist with the facilitating of the contest. Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, "Sounds good. I'm going to look them up." But for me it feats the idea of nudism and transcends the nudist camp to an outdoor strip joint. I want to hear from you. Should pole dancing contests be a regular activity at nudist resorts? Should smoking and drinking not only be expected but be encouraged? If not, what should we do about it? Should you be told not to laugh out loud when chatting with friends or should freedom of expression without restraint be the law of the land?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is Naturism the cure for Depression?

Work, kids, housework, family drama, you name it and the stresses of life just keep coming. In my household we're not lucky enough to be full time nudists so the weekdays, and sometimes weekends, between visits to our local naturist resort can be truly long suffering. Moods are blue, voices can be snappy and grumpy. Depression is surely the prognosis of the deep funk some of us can sink into. So what's the one thing that we look forward to? The one thing that keeps us from pulling the trigger or jumping off a cliff? Yes, that's right it's our brief visits to our nudist resort where we can throw off our stresses, relax, and visit with our friends. Have I mentioned before that friends made in a naturist environment tend to become really great lifetime friends? Well, when you meet people who are stripped of their garments you get to know the real person inside. This may mean that you will need to keep an open mind and be very accepting of people for who they are, not being concerned with idiosyncrasies that may find your judgmental mind speaking up. Squelch that voice and like your friends who are completely exposed body and soul. That vulnerability and acceptance, I think also helps you to accept yourself which may be another key to overcoming Depression. I definitely find that the more time we spend naked, the happier we are.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Work Gets in the Way of "Naked Time"

Wow, work has been crazy lately. Not that it's ever not crazy, but between work and my personal "to do" list, I haven't had what my husband calls "naked time" in quite awhile and not nearly often enough. I'm definitely hoping that this weekend will allow for some "naked time." It's amazing how a weekend of "naked time" outdoors can truly help us slough off the stresses of work and life. I'm so glad we found this outlet for our stress. Not to mention all of the wonderful friends we have made in our "naked community." With travel for work and travel for family obligations, before you know it the summer is over and the warm days available to be naked outdoors start to diminish, so I need to schedule in my "naked time" these days. Those of you who can be naked full-time should consider yourselves very lucky. For the rest of us, we're counting down the days until our next naked weekend.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

To buy or not to buy

We have a resort that we visit as regularly as possible. We typically tent camp, but my body reminds me in the mornings that it's time to get out of a tent. So our options are to rent a trailer from the resort based on availability, buy a trailer and store it on site, or buy a permanent site. How fun would that be to own a permanent site? We could really feel like a part of the community and we could leave everything at our site already set up so we when pulled in all we would have to do is walk in. Of course it's not that easy is it? There's finding the right site and determining the right price to pay and of course there are rules and politics, and lots of it. So for now we are looking for a small trailer to store and use when we're there. We're not quite ready to commit to a full time residence when we are only part timers. Especially when we don't want to feel obligated to visit the one place all the time. We want to visit many places, different types and in different locations. See my original story about Nudist Colonies.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nudist Vacations - Expensive Luxury or Naturally Cheap?

When you think of going on a nudist vacation, what first comes to mind for you? Do you think of staying at a quality hotel in a far away locale dedicated to nudists where you can sip frozen cocktails by the pool? Instead, do you picture yourself backpacking down a steep goat trail to a hidden portion of a beach with no facilities and only what camping gear you brought with you? Is there a favorite vacation of yours that falls in between these two scenarios? Many options are available to vacationing nudists. First you have to determine what kind of nudist you are.
The true nature lover.
You want to be one with nature and you are physically fit so hiking, rock scrambling, and packing in supplies long distances are not a challenge but a welcome adventure. You are the naturist that can get by fairly inexpensively by visiting beautiful, yet remote, beaches, lakes, forests, and deserts where you can let it all hang out in natural surroundings, as long as you don't get injured and need to be evacuated via helicopter to the nearest hospital.
The laid back in luxury nudist.
Your idea of getting close to nature is just being naked. Your inner athlete is on vacation too, so while you may indulge in team sports such as tennis or volleyball, your main priority is easy access to amenities, a comfortable mattress at night, and a lounge chair with your name on it. You work hard during the week and have earned the money to spend on vacations that take you to someplace far away, but still allows you to be nude by the pool or on the beach. You want gourmet cuisine, mixed drinks, and hotel staff to cater to your every need. The longest walk you might experience is from your room to the pool where you can nap on a lounge chair to your hearts content.

These vacationers are extreme examples, but none the less, true to life characters. There are different types of vacationers and vacation options that fall in between these. But I'm finding that the opportunity to vacation naked is becoming increasingly a wealthy person's prerogative. Especially since I'm not part billy goat and I don't have a stand alone house with a private backyard where I can lounge freely at my own discretion.

Nudist Clubs require a membership fee, plus a daily use fee, plus a nightly fee.  Wow the fees are starting to stack up just to lounge around naked by a pool without offending anyone. What if I want to visit a different nudist club. While a first visit is usually offered at no charge, don't expect to be able to frequent various clubs without paying some astronomical fees to each.

Nudist Hotels can vary in price and amenities but many offer all inclusive options at again astronomical rates per person per night. Beware too, that you need to check if the hotel encourages behavior that might not be your cup of tea. It's definitely worthwhile to discuss with previous vacationers, your Nudist Travel Agents, or directly with the hotel what types of adult activities will be available and/or what events may be planned for the time frame of your visit? You could be in for a big surprise if you show up with the kids in tow and there's some friendly love swapping going on in the pool.
Nude Cruises can be a fun option. But sign up fast. Those less expensive cabins go fast, usually before you even get the advertisement. Even the expensive cabins go quickly as this is a popular vacation alternative and the number of people included is typically kept to a smaller number. Again, check first before signing up for one of these vacations so you know what type of activities to expect and the level of party hearty attitude to bring with you.

Personally, I'm looking forward to my own upcoming vacation. I don't have to get on a plane, just a two hour drive. There's a kitchen so I can prepare my own meals or eat out as I please. No hiking required, although I would like to participate in some physical activity other than walking from my lounge chair to the pool for a cooling respite from the heat. Bathrooms, fresh towels, and a shower are nearby and all for the trade of some of my hard earned money. But then, that's why I'm going on vacation in the first place. That and I don't have to wear any clothes.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward Naked
The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and it's time to set our clocks forward again to enjoy a little more sunshine during the day. A little more sunshine? Yes, that's what we nudists really love. More time to relax outdoors with the warm sun on bare skin. Time to shed our winter coats and begin introducing ourselves to some rays in preparation for summer. Ah yes, spring is here, so set your clocks, take off your clothes, get outside and spring forward naked.