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Monday, November 14, 2011

Obnoxious or just different?

Ok, let's stir things up a little and talk about some things that might be a little controversial, smoking, drinking, costumes, etc. So my interpretation of nudists or naturists are those folks that love to be natural in nature. They love to be healthy. And, they don't equate nudity with sex. So then why are there so many nudists that wear high heels and provocative little outfits by the pool? Why does naked time mean it's time to open the cooler and crack open lots of beer or hard alcohol, get drunk, get loud, and light up some cigarettes? Am I a prude or does this offend others too? Now, I'm all about people having the right to express themselves, but I find it inappropriate, especially in environments that tout themselves as family friendly. While many nudists are trying to educate society that nudity is not sexual there are other nudists and resorts that are promoting the sexual side of nudity to bring in newbies or to hook up with others for "parties". Here's an example, Ponderosa Sun Club in Indiana has an annual contest where both genders dance in front of an audience, which includes non-members. The dancers use poles, G-strings, etc to rile up the audience and win titles such as "Best Boobs". Porn stars assist with the facilitating of the contest. Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, "Sounds good. I'm going to look them up." But for me it feats the idea of nudism and transcends the nudist camp to an outdoor strip joint. I want to hear from you. Should pole dancing contests be a regular activity at nudist resorts? Should smoking and drinking not only be expected but be encouraged? If not, what should we do about it? Should you be told not to laugh out loud when chatting with friends or should freedom of expression without restraint be the law of the land?


  1. These places and events are giving naturists a bad name and making it difficult to recruit "good" people to try it. In Wisconsin, we have a wonderful nude beach that suffered bad press due to some activities by groups of gay men. Steps were taken, at the urging of the beach regulars,a large contingency of gay men, BTW, to make it difficult for illicit activities to happen. We are now back to what we consider normal. Families. Young couples. It is heaven.

  2. I'm a temperate guy nude or clothed. I'd call myself sex-positive, too. I think the problem with the more provocative nudist behavior is just that: It's provocative and forced.

  3. Greetings from Wisconsin, Blogger. A quick re-introduction: My wife Karen and I met you and your husband at the Terra Cotta earlier this year. We wish you and your family happiness and good health this holiday season.

    I don't feel the Ponderosa's event is doing nudism any favors. I don't get how they can view themselves as a family resort, and then host an annual adults-only event with porn stars and actual strippers (who come from strip clubs all over the country).

    Maybe it's because I'm relatively new to nudism, I tend to err on the side of prudishness. I've begun to recognize that nudists can be playful with nudity without it crossing over to lewd, but I'm still a bit tentative about it myself. We're not into the lingerie parties, etc, that take place, and I think high heels by the pool are downright ridiculous.

    As for alcohol and smoking, I like seeing nudists exercise the same common sense and courtesy that I hope to see in the textile world. There's no need to encourage excess.

  4. It's awfully tempting to start making 'rules' as to just exactly what constitutes proper nudist/naturist behavior, but there ought to be SOME guidelines at least. Determining those guidelines is the problem. Who decides? You? Me?

    People have differing ideas as to what 'fun' is and far be it for me to tell someone that they shouldn't have a drink or read a book (yes, some object to reading!) because I don't feel it's fitting to the lifestyle. Tolerance is an overriding aspect of nudism and that doesn't just apply to body acceptance.

    Many 'legitimate' resorts and camps engage in activities which, to the purist, may appear to be walking a fine line, such as body painting, jello wrestling, lingerie parties, beauty pageants, etc. However, we must remember that piercings and tats were forbidden until fairly recently also, and times do change.

    Where exactly is that line? I sure don't know. AANR permits some things (or looks the other way) that, were it up to me, would cost clubs their affiliation so I guess I'm a bit of a conservative where mainstream nudism is concerned. Still, the old crowd are dying off and change may be necessary for at least some form of nudism to remain available.

    I guess the style of nudism that is practiced must be left up to the individual venues, since the naturist community has no say over the matter anyway. AANR or TNS affiliation are about the only controls that exist, and they are so vague and unenforceable that they can guarantee little in the way of consistency between venues, or give an attendee a clear idea of what to expect other than clean toilets and higher grounds fees.

    By broaching this topic your open up the whole idea of what constitutes a nudist/naturist in the first place. Many things can be done nude or partially nude which have nothing to do with our lifestyle yet are thrown in under the general term 'nudist'. You might consider that for a future topic; we have written about it and it's quite a bucket of worms!

  5. Hello to Mark and Karen. Hope you are well. Thank you to all for your comment. AllNudist, I love to open a can of worms, that's the fun of having a blog. I think I fall along the lines of being a bit conservative myself. Maybe not a purist, but close.

  6. It seems to me that if we're ever going to "normalize" nudist venues, we need them to be "normal". Meaning not any different than other venues, except a lot more accepting and comfortable. One should expect that smoking, drinking, piercings, and behavior at the edge of acceptability at other venues, should be seen as no differently at our venues if we hope to capture more people from the "mainstream".

  7. I see your point Rick407. However, I'd love to have my own nudist place where it is non-smoking only and if someone got unruly I could set them straight that their behavior was not acceptable. Some mainstream is desirable, but I personally have my limits. Sorry.