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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is Naturism the cure for Depression?

Work, kids, housework, family drama, you name it and the stresses of life just keep coming. In my household we're not lucky enough to be full time nudists so the weekdays, and sometimes weekends, between visits to our local naturist resort can be truly long suffering. Moods are blue, voices can be snappy and grumpy. Depression is surely the prognosis of the deep funk some of us can sink into. So what's the one thing that we look forward to? The one thing that keeps us from pulling the trigger or jumping off a cliff? Yes, that's right it's our brief visits to our nudist resort where we can throw off our stresses, relax, and visit with our friends. Have I mentioned before that friends made in a naturist environment tend to become really great lifetime friends? Well, when you meet people who are stripped of their garments you get to know the real person inside. This may mean that you will need to keep an open mind and be very accepting of people for who they are, not being concerned with idiosyncrasies that may find your judgmental mind speaking up. Squelch that voice and like your friends who are completely exposed body and soul. That vulnerability and acceptance, I think also helps you to accept yourself which may be another key to overcoming Depression. I definitely find that the more time we spend naked, the happier we are.


  1. First of all, we miss you. Where are you? If you need ideas for posts, I would love to give you some. Second, is that your butt in the sand? Very cute! I love logging on and seeing it.

    I have an idea for a post about people going to public CO beaches. It seems, for the places we have gone to, at least, that although they are cordial when they get to the beach, they are standoffish, or shy, and reluctant to greet you when they pass you on the road to the beach. Almost as if they are doing something "bad". I think it is from their upbringing. Being naked was wrong. But, they have overcome their upbringing and their implied guilt remains.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. So true! Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  3. Chester, sorry I've been away. Too much work and projects. Yes that's my butt in the sand on Orient Beach. My husband loves that pic too. As for going to public clothing optional beaches I've only been to a couple and I've always experienced cordial people both on the way to the beach and at the beach. Of course if you are headed to a beach that is CO how does anyone know your intentions until you get there? Or maybe that is the problem, they don't know if you are judging them until you get to the beach and reveal yourself (pun intended).

  4. Your husband has good taste.

    Good question about what peoples intentions are going to the beach. The people who get to the beach are there to experience the Naturist lifestyle, I am sure. But, they are appear embarrassed or reluctant. Being a wildly positive, outgoing person, I try to say "HEY, HAVE A GREAT TIME!" But it is like they think they are afraid I will tell their boss, or Pastor. Or that I am their boss, or pastor.

    We all work to advance the mission of naturism.

    Keep posting, Buff!

  5. My husband thinks we should post a picture of his beautiful backside for the female crowd. I will see what I can do. Got some more posts coming soon.