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Sunday, June 12, 2011

To buy or not to buy

We have a resort that we visit as regularly as possible. We typically tent camp, but my body reminds me in the mornings that it's time to get out of a tent. So our options are to rent a trailer from the resort based on availability, buy a trailer and store it on site, or buy a permanent site. How fun would that be to own a permanent site? We could really feel like a part of the community and we could leave everything at our site already set up so we when pulled in all we would have to do is walk in. Of course it's not that easy is it? There's finding the right site and determining the right price to pay and of course there are rules and politics, and lots of it. So for now we are looking for a small trailer to store and use when we're there. We're not quite ready to commit to a full time residence when we are only part timers. Especially when we don't want to feel obligated to visit the one place all the time. We want to visit many places, different types and in different locations. See my original story about Nudist Colonies.


  1. The resort in the picture has a nice swimming pool.

  2. Mia, you're a card. Actually the place we're considering has a great pool, except that it's not heated in the winter. Great spa though.

  3. I've got a permanent spot at our local club and I love it. It's nice to just have to bring a laundry basket full of towels and sheets and a cooler of food to be set for the weekend.
    I got it when I was out there every weekend. Even spent 6 weeks out there while remodeling the house. Now I only get out about once a month and it's still worth it.

  4. Well we finally bought a little trailer so no more tent sleeping for us, but the perfect permanent site still eludes us. Well actually we found a great site but we hemmed and hawed too long and some other, smarter, faster, more decisive member snatched it up. That's ok. We're in no hurry but it would be a great retirement spot.