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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Party? What To Wear?

My husband and I were invited to a party the other day. Alas, it was a textile party. So the question that had to be asked was, "What should I wear?" Oh, the joy of partying with nudists is that you don't have to worrying about wearing anything. But in the textile world there is the concern about what top to wear with it being cold outside but warm inside. Which pants will I fit in since I've gained a few pounds. Should I wear heels or boots? No matter what I wear, I'm uncomfortable and can't wait until I can get my clothes off, especially my scratchy and constricting unmentionables. This leads me to my preference of parties thrown by nudists.
 I have been to several nudist parties. Most of them are theme parties. Then the question still remains, "What should I wear?" Followed by the wonderment of why there should be a concern about what to wear to a nudist party. Strangely however, many nudists love to dress up for parties. The difference is usually the extent to which they will dress up. Men and women alike seem to enjoy the art of wearing a costume that still allows for certain body parts to remain unconstrained and unhidden. On many occassions party goers will wear lingerie that is completely unrelated to the night's theme. For myself, I still prefer to wear just my birthday suit. The rule of thumb at a nudist party is less is more and whatever you decide to wear or not wear, all are welcome and everyone is merry.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peace & Tranquility in the California Desert at Living Waters Spa

We have spent many weekends in Palm Springs, but until this weekend we have never ventured out to Desert Hot Springs. If you want to experience hot mineral waters than Desert Hot Springs is the place to visit. The town is just minutes from Palm Springs, which is just over 100 miles East of Los Angeles, California. For the clothing optional experience in DHS, whether you are a single person or a couple, there are several options, but if you are looking for a place with a more holistic approach to nudism then visit Living Waters Spa.

As we drove up to Living Waters Spa from the Highway we were unimpressed by the surrounding neighborhoods and the outside of the building, which was originally the Kismet Lodge in the 1960's. However, as we were welcomed inside by Owner Judy we were transformed into an oasis within this desert oasis. As the new age music floated softly on the breeze, we walked past a few sunbathers lounging quietly by the pool looking towards a wall of glass framing the San Bernardino Mountains, we entered our simply Scandinavian style room and kitchen. The simple surroundings, the warm mineral pool and spa and the background music instantly put us into full relaxation mode.

After three days of quiet and pampering I still can't get out of the mediational mode and get myself in the working mode and I've been home for a week. I have so much to say, but honestly just can't seem to get all of the words out just yet. I promise I will later. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the pictures I took while at the spa.

It's important to note that Judy and Jeff
invite singles and couples, but they are not to be mistaken with any of the swinger's clubs/spas in the Desert Hot Springs area. Living Waters is about meditation, quiet, health, mineral waters, and true naturism (they are clothing optional for those of you not quite ready to reveal everything). You can visit for the day, enjoy a massage, a wrap, or a body scrub, or really pamper yourself and stay overnight or two or three.