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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nudist Vacations - Expensive Luxury or Naturally Cheap?

When you think of going on a nudist vacation, what first comes to mind for you? Do you think of staying at a quality hotel in a far away locale dedicated to nudists where you can sip frozen cocktails by the pool? Instead, do you picture yourself backpacking down a steep goat trail to a hidden portion of a beach with no facilities and only what camping gear you brought with you? Is there a favorite vacation of yours that falls in between these two scenarios? Many options are available to vacationing nudists. First you have to determine what kind of nudist you are.
The true nature lover.
You want to be one with nature and you are physically fit so hiking, rock scrambling, and packing in supplies long distances are not a challenge but a welcome adventure. You are the naturist that can get by fairly inexpensively by visiting beautiful, yet remote, beaches, lakes, forests, and deserts where you can let it all hang out in natural surroundings, as long as you don't get injured and need to be evacuated via helicopter to the nearest hospital.
The laid back in luxury nudist.
Your idea of getting close to nature is just being naked. Your inner athlete is on vacation too, so while you may indulge in team sports such as tennis or volleyball, your main priority is easy access to amenities, a comfortable mattress at night, and a lounge chair with your name on it. You work hard during the week and have earned the money to spend on vacations that take you to someplace far away, but still allows you to be nude by the pool or on the beach. You want gourmet cuisine, mixed drinks, and hotel staff to cater to your every need. The longest walk you might experience is from your room to the pool where you can nap on a lounge chair to your hearts content.

These vacationers are extreme examples, but none the less, true to life characters. There are different types of vacationers and vacation options that fall in between these. But I'm finding that the opportunity to vacation naked is becoming increasingly a wealthy person's prerogative. Especially since I'm not part billy goat and I don't have a stand alone house with a private backyard where I can lounge freely at my own discretion.

Nudist Clubs require a membership fee, plus a daily use fee, plus a nightly fee.  Wow the fees are starting to stack up just to lounge around naked by a pool without offending anyone. What if I want to visit a different nudist club. While a first visit is usually offered at no charge, don't expect to be able to frequent various clubs without paying some astronomical fees to each.

Nudist Hotels can vary in price and amenities but many offer all inclusive options at again astronomical rates per person per night. Beware too, that you need to check if the hotel encourages behavior that might not be your cup of tea. It's definitely worthwhile to discuss with previous vacationers, your Nudist Travel Agents, or directly with the hotel what types of adult activities will be available and/or what events may be planned for the time frame of your visit? You could be in for a big surprise if you show up with the kids in tow and there's some friendly love swapping going on in the pool.
Nude Cruises can be a fun option. But sign up fast. Those less expensive cabins go fast, usually before you even get the advertisement. Even the expensive cabins go quickly as this is a popular vacation alternative and the number of people included is typically kept to a smaller number. Again, check first before signing up for one of these vacations so you know what type of activities to expect and the level of party hearty attitude to bring with you.

Personally, I'm looking forward to my own upcoming vacation. I don't have to get on a plane, just a two hour drive. There's a kitchen so I can prepare my own meals or eat out as I please. No hiking required, although I would like to participate in some physical activity other than walking from my lounge chair to the pool for a cooling respite from the heat. Bathrooms, fresh towels, and a shower are nearby and all for the trade of some of my hard earned money. But then, that's why I'm going on vacation in the first place. That and I don't have to wear any clothes.


  1. This is a nice nice post today.


  2. #1 would be my first choice but they all sound good.

  3. Thanks Jack and Mia. I'm torn between the different vacation types. I think I prefer a mixture of both. I'm a moderate I guess.

  4. I've done a bit of everything except a cruise. I found my happy place with an old school club that has a pool clubhouse cabins and camping sites volleyball etc. But the amin thing is always the comeraderie sharing the experience with other like minded souls. I like hiking nude in nature makes me feel more at one with my environment however I am getting soft in my old age I prefer a bed to sleeping on the ground.

  5. Me too Alan. I'm still tired after tent camping. Time to upgrade a bit.

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