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Friday, October 22, 2010

Naked Under Cover

Even in Southern California the weather is turning cooler and opportunities to be nude outdoors, other than for those die hards like my husband that love cooler weather, are becoming fewer and farther between. Yet another weekend will go by without being able to visit our local nudist club to enjoy the sunshine in the buff. So how do we nudists get by when the weather turns cold? For me, I spend a lot of time under the covers of the bed. I still can't bring myself to sleep in pajamas, too confining. I always get twisted in the fabric. But give me some nice clean sheets and a comforter and I'm a happy camper.

As for socializing with other nudists during Fall and Winter. Well, in Orange County the Naturists in the OC or NITOC have a family friendly nude swim once a month at an indoor pool. They also offer gym facilities where folks can play volleyball, basketball and some other indoor sports followed by a nice dinner and raffle. It's a great time to relax and make some new friends or visit with old friends. It's still not so frigid in So Cal that we couldn't still enjoy the nudist club and use the indoor pool and outdoor spa, plus just hang out with friends in a trailer or something, but for some of us our sunbathing activities will be curtailed. I'd love to hear from nudists in other parts of the world regarding their cooler weather naturist activities.


  1. Sitting in the sun streaming through a window is one of my favorites in winter. I'm a fellow SoCal wimp as far as cold goes! :-)

  2. I'm in Ohio where the weather is already curtailing outdoor nude activity. During the winter months there are indoor swims I can attend although I have to do a bit of traveling. I haven't done naked snow angels but I may give it a try this winter.

    Even on the chilliest winter nights, I sleep in the nude. I've found that if I wear any clothing to bed, I don't feel as warm as I do when I'm nude. Clothing interferes with the body's natural heating and cooling functions.

  3. I live up near the Canadian border and we get some pretty serious winters here. Two years ago we broke all records for the snowfall. It got so bad I had to shovel the snow off my roof because of the amount weighing on it. That said I don't let a little thing like that slow me down. I have been known to shovel snow nude, well I was wearing a hat and boots. If you can keep moving and generating heat it is surprising how well the body adapts. One real treat is to soak in a hot tub or sauna and then go out and roll in the snow. You don't even feel the cold at first. I used to belong to a non-landed naturist club and we would have these awesome potluck dinner get togethers this time of year at members homes. That is something I really miss. The Halloween costumes were fantastic!

  4. Great suggestions. Alan you are a real die hard. I don't think I could bring myself to shoveling snow nude, but I could see my husband doing it. Rick, my hubby is totally ready for making naked snow angels. "Sounds like fun". Too bad I'm a California Cupcake and I like to stay warm like Delfin. We'll definitely have to try some of your suggestions. Definitely will never give up sleeping naked.

  5. We're from the Frozen North also, Wisconsin, and the Winters are sooo long! We invariably run our heat bills up way too high so we can be comfortably nude around the house, and count the days until Spring! Right now that is only about 1 month, 10 weeks, and 6 Saturdays away! Or five months, depending on your definiton of 'Spring'... Then only 2 more months until it's really warm.

    In the meantime, clubs around here have a few Winter parties at motels where they reserve the whole place, with a pool, whirlpool, sauna, etc. for weekend frolics. There's usually some nude bowling events too. Home parties help wile away the cold months, and some landed clubs are open enough to go play naked in the snow, for the brave. Alan is correct in that access to a sauna, campfire, or other source of heat can make the cold quite enjoyable. You might be suprised how comfortable you can be on a cold day with nothing but a layer of oil, no wind and a warm sun! Add a campfire and it's almost (almost!) better than Summer! Ok, not even close!

  6. Nice try "allnudist". Well, we escaped to Desert Hot Springs this weekend. Warm sun and warm mineral water. Wish I were there right now.

  7. I'm a new one to admitting I like being in the buff... but I do enjoy sleeping naked; and have done for some years now, whether it be during winter or summer, I just love curling up under the duvet and dozing. And in Summer, it's just a matter letting the cooler breezes in through the window.

    But going fully naked around a townhouse with little - to no - privacy is really hard to do.

  8. ~Mozette
    Everyone should feel free to enjoy their nakedness to the degree that they are comfortable. Of course, pushing the envelope every once in awhile doesn't hurt either. Never would have thought that I would enjoy social nudism, but introductions to new ideas and an open mind can be a wonderful thing.

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