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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Talk About Boob Jobs

This discussion might be a bit controversial, but I think it’s a topic worth discussing.

It’s funny that nudists are all about body acceptance, but tummy tucks and boob jobs are rampant in the nudist community, at least here in California. Of course, some alterations are due to medical necessity but many are simply aesthetic. I must admit that the idea of defying age and gravity with a little help from my local plastic surgeon is tempting, but after seeing some very unnatural looking post surgery breasts along with the various scar designs my temptation level has waned to a fear of having breasts that look like they are 20 while the rest of my body looks elderly. Natural breasts come in various shapes and sizes, some are full and rounded at the bottom, some dangle languorously pointing towards the ground, and some are small and pert. All natural breasts however share the characteristics of a gentle droop and a happy jiggle and bounce when unbound and traveling. Augmented breasts also come in various shapes and sizes, often dependent on the skills of the surgeon and the elasticity of the woman’s skin at the time of the surgery. Some are full and round, but seem to have the skin stretched so tight over the breast they look as though they might pop if they were touched. Some are disproportionately large compared to the physique of the woman. Some have natural looking breasts, but the nipples are positioned awkwardly as though they were placed to high above center and look surprised at the view. Every so often there are some breasts that look so magnificent that it’s difficult to determine if they are real or enhanced. They have the fullness expected when a woman is young and has not experienced childbirth, or breastfeeding, and they have that gentle droop that natural breasts experience. The only sign that can truly identify this wonderful breast enhancement is the think scar neatly hidden under the curve of the breasts that may only be seen if the woman raises her arms enough to expose the hidden area. I’ve not had the nerve just yet to approach a woman with this rarest of excellent surgical procedures and ask her the name of the surgeon. If I were to consider a breast augmentation I would certainly use a doctor with references such as these. For now, and maybe forever, I’ll stick with what nature gave me and enjoy living my naturist life.
48 Reasons Not To Get A Boob Job


  1. I think the natural look is best. I feel that part of what nudism or naturism is about is body acceptance. We all have issues with our bodies to big to small to short to tall the list is endless. We need to learn to accept our bodies and realize we are more than the sum of our parts. Our bodies are not us they are simply the vessel that contains us. We are all so much more than our bodies and eventually our bodies will betray us all.

  2. I don't think most women have naturally big boobs. See the movie Food Inc.
    I think most women's breasts are bigger then past women because of all the growth hormones in the meat. Any animal product might lead to bigger breasts. The goal with farmers is to make animals get bigger, faster, produce more, and when people eat this scientific food it affects their body.

    One example: I think Jennifer Moss eats all healthy & she has small breasts.

    My mom is natural food extremist & has small breasts. Grandma eats regular store bought meat & has bigger breasts.

    Natural breasts do not come in all sizes, people are eating unnatural so they might have an unnatural bigger size.

  3. Interesting take rorrie, however I think genetics might also play a part. I agree however that our food is riddled with hormones and it is causing a lot of health issues.

  4. I agree Alan, while I'd love for mine to look better than they do, I've accepted them just like I've accepted the rest of my body. It's a about what's inside not outside. No offense however to those that made the choice to augment. It's a personal choice and everyone has the right to choose what works best for themselves.

  5. I think natural is best. When I see one of those ready-to-pop boob jobs stretched under a too-tight top, it always strikes me as strange and non-human. Especially when the subject also has an overdose of collagen in their lips!

    On the beach or at a resort they look even stranger because you can see all of the abomination. Best reason for a nudist not getting a boob job? You can't hide it!

  6. A woman at a resort we used to frequent had a $5k boob job, folks snickered a litle behind her back but not really unkindly. It's her money, her body, and it pleased her! We didn't think she needed it, she had personality to spare and looked fine (as if that mattered) but it was her choice.

    Really, what's the difference between that and tats, piercings, hairstyles, eye shadow or lipstick? Being comfortable is what nudism is about and it made her feel good!

    And, Hey Delfin, how ya doing?

  7. Definitely each person should do what makes them feel good or better. Personally I don't care for tatoos much either. I don't mind a small one here or there, but it seems such a shame to me when I see a lovely young woman or man for that matter completely covered in body art. I suppose it is art and to some their body is their canvass, however it's permanent and you can't change it out that easily when you get bored with it. As for piercings, at least the jewelry can be removed, so can makeup. But moderation is the key in all respects in my opinion. I suppose some people might think I'm too plain since I have no tats, only my ears are pierced, I wear very little to no makeup, and my body has not been altered, yet.

  8. Eventually I want UV ink tattoos--if done right they're invisible except under focused UV light. Piercings a lot

    Those who want bigger boobs, Fat-Derived Stem Cells Could Replace Silicone Breast Implants.
    Delfin Amante says boob jobs can't be hidden, but this might change soon.

    Yes, genetics does play a part in how big breasts get, but i've seen a lot of reports online about food making them bigger & watched Super Size Me, Food Inc. & others.

    They won't say much on mainstream news about anything, but that's cause America has a somewhat low freedom score.

  9. I have never liked fake boobs. Women who get them don't need them. except for medical reasons. why get them? for self esteem. not a good enough argument for me. a womens self worth should not linked to her breast. Who is she trying to impress with them, other women? or shallow men. Real men don't care if they are real or not. That and when you hug them they feel like rocks.

  10. ~Rorrie, Very interesting. I'd love to hear more about these changes in science. BTW, I come from one of those long lines of large breasted women, even before hormones were being used in our food. They do tend to get larger, but also droopier after childbirth and nursing. Sorry guys, but I'm sharing personal experiences here. It's definitely difficult to see yourself growing older and parts drifting downward, especially when there's a twenty something with perky parts in the pool next to you. Sometimes getting a little help is very tempting, but so far I'm not giving in to vanity. Maybe the idea of the new me looking worse than the old me scares my vanity even more.