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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Does Your Spouse Know You Are A Nudist?

I’ve always thought it was interesting when meeting a fellow nudist who’s spouse is not in attendance. Everytime I’ve spoke to these seeming single nudists and found out they were actually married, I wondered, where are their spouses or significant others? Do they not approve of their spouse’s proclivity toward nudism? Are they understanding but don’t prefer the lifestyle themselves? Are  they simply unaware that their spouse or significant other is sunbathing nude on the beach or wherever? After speaking to one man who after several years of marriage was finally caught by his wife utilizing nude resorts for his business trips rather than traditional hotels I was struck by my own since of judgement towards this person for hiding his activities from his wife for so many years. I’m sure we can all imagine what her reaction must have been. Surprising to some, but not surprising to others, she actually embraced the nudist lifestyle and joined her husband on future trips, evidently forgiving him for his past indiscretions. With no more hidden truths between them and a new found shared activity I’m assuming their marriage has taken a new path of shared experiences and confidence.

So, what about you? Are you or is someone you know hiding their love of naturism from a loved one, ie children, parents, lover? Or do you enjoy nudism without your partner who stays away while you participate in nudist activities? Are you the spouse of a nudist who does not share the enjoyment of naturism or maybe you have a career related reason for avoiding the lifestyle? I’d love to hear from both sides to better understand how couples with differing opinions on the subject manage to coexist peacefully.


  1. Well I am quite open about it now. However that wasn't always the case. I guess I need a little background I was a private nudist while growing up on my parents farm backyard fields and woods. Fast forward to my return from my first combat deployment with the Marines. I decided life was short, too short to not do something I had always wanted to try. I heard from some of my fellow Marines about a nude beach just off the base, San Onofre. I went and I was hooked however I did'nt tell my spouse at first. I hid it and when I told her she became highly suspicious. She assumed it was about sex, it wasn't. I told her it wasn't but we had major fights over it. I would go and not tell her and then she would find out later and hit the ceiling. This went on for several years and I would even take our kids along to the beach. Finaly I asked her as a present to me to go to the first resort we belonged to Swallows/Sun Island near El Cajone CA. She went and had a good time she realized it wasn't about sex FINALLY!
    She goes sometimes but I am the nudist in the family. I raised my kids that way and my daughter has no issues with it. She lets us bring our grand-daughter to the nudist resort all the time. My son on the other hand has major hangups over nudity and is extremely uptight regarding it. Oh well win some lose some. I have come out to all my friends and neighbors as well as my extended family. Took my sister to a nude beach once and my brother to a nudsit resort once. I have a license plate holder on my truck advertising my nudist club and proudly wear my nudist t-shirts. I am very out about it now.

  2. Takes guts doesn't it Alan? Thanks for sharing. BB

  3. Second choice here, understanding but not interested. We belonged to Minnesota's Oakwood Club for a couple of years, but Barbara felt like time spent there was taken from the "precious minutes" of her life.

    Hard to argue with that. Truth be told, after my knee got too bad for volleyball a few years later, I don't know that I would have had much fun at Oakwood.

    Odd and sad, because I think I'm wired to be a nudist, and had field-and-wood experiences similar to Alan's as a boy.

  4. My wife is very shy about her body so she doesn't accompany me to the nudist beach. She has no issues at all with my visits to the nudist beach.

  5. Are Angie and I (Steve) nudists? Does anyone know? Hmm, let me think. Why not check in here: and let us know what you think. ;-)

    Personal note to you, Dear Blogger:

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  7. First off, to the prior comment, voyeur-spy is not nudism, it is illegal invasion of privacy of nudists. Hopefully you will caught and arrested for your efforts.

    My wife found out about my nudist interests very early in our relationship. I handed her a stack of AANR Bulletins and urged her to get a realistic idea of what nudism is and is not.

    Her first experience was very much like yours from your first post. She was terrified and did not want me to move from her side ... for 15 minutes, then she was a confirmed nudist for life.

    Where we differ is how public we are willing to be. Most of my friends and some of my family know that I am a nudist, none of that for her. I don't know if we will ever get around that difference.

  8. My wife knows I like to go nude and that I go to nudist places, but she has no interest in joining me. It's no secret. Over the years I have even taken the kids with me to Deep Creek hot springs, where they have joined me in the buff, and she knew we were doing that. No secret. No problem. But she has no desire whatsoever in going nude anywhere herself. She just isn't comfortable with it, but understands that I am, that I love to feel the sun on my bare skin, the breeze on my body and the relaxation that comes from dropping all your worldly problem, along with your clothes, for a few hours respite. She understand and it's no big deal. So, when I travel, I go alone to places that will permit a single man on a day pass -- which isn't many. Or I try to find open places like hot springs and beaches (such as North Beach in Miami) where I can relax and not have to have to belong to an organization. Again, as you all know, not many places like that. Sadly, because so many family nudist places will not permit many single men (by which I mean a man alone, even if he explains he's married) my choices have been limited. I don't get to do nudism often enough to justify joining any of the official organizations. (She doesn't mind my nudity, but not fond of me spending too much money on it!) So to answer your question - I would be one of those people you'd meet there, sans spouse, but in my case she knows and understands, just wants nothing to do with it.

  9. I'm one of those people who's spouse isn't aware of my love for nudism.

    When I met my wife, I was a home nudist. However in the last 18 years of marriage, I've slowly opened the door to the house and stepped outside. What a breath of fresh air that was. I absolutely love the feeling of being outdoors at CO beaches and local groups naked.

    My wife however has been, and always will be a very conservative individual, who only gets naked to change clothes and the occasional late nights with me. She would not understand my lifestyle.

    I think I should leave things the way it is.


  10. Thank you all for sharing. It's good to read the different perspectives on a controversial subject.