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Monday, January 2, 2012

Blogger in the Buff goes to Australia

Ah yes, the land down under where kangaroos and koalas can be found as well as some white sand - clothes free beaches. If one could spend spring and summer in the United States and fall and winter in Australia, life would be wonderful. I didn't get to spend the entire winter in Australia, but I did get to visit a few spots for a few weeks in Eastern Australia this winter, (Australia's summer). I will share in my next few posts some details and pictures of the places I visited with my husband. Of course, we didn't get to spend a lot of time at each spot nor did we get to visit a lot of places, but hopefully we can introduce you to the places we went and give you our perspective based on the time we were there. So get ready to read a few tidbits about Kings Beach, North Belongil Beach, Ti-Tree Lake, and Alexandria Bay.

Someone asked awhile back if people were friendly or disengaged when encountered on the path to a clothing optional beach? In Australia, we found that few people will initiate a greeting on the path, but when greeted all were smiling and friendly. Once on the beach, nudists and textiles alike may share the same stretch of beach, with the textiles understanding that they may encounter naked beach goers. Nudists tended to keep to themselves by hanging out under the shade of trees that fringed the beaches. Again, most people would not initiate a conversation, but were friendly and responsive if you took the first step.

From the beaches we visited, we can determine that generally in this part of the country the sand is soft and fine, shells are few, the water is quickly comfortable but can be rough, and shade is found in the treelined edges of the beaches. Each beach or location has something different to offer. Couples are not as plentiful as single men, but the creep factor while it does exist does not seem to be a major problem.

Australia enjoys some legal nude beaches and some unofficial nude beaches. Australians are generally more open minded about nudity than Americans, but conservatism still exists and is a concern for the local nudist associations, such as the Australian Naturist Federation.

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  1. Yes it is a pity that not every state has legal nude beaches, Queensland is among the ones who do not have a legal clothes free beach, although there is some tolerance from authorities but at times steps are taken to patrol these beaches, just be careful.