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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

This weekend we decided to visit the Terra Cotta Inn located in Palm Springs, California. We are frequent patrons and always enjoy the relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The owners of the Terra Cotta Inn are Tom and Mary Clare Mulhall. They are usually present and actively involved with their patrons which adds to the mom and pop feeling of this historic motel. If you ask why people tend to choose the Terra Cotta for their vacations, the usual answer will be the personal camaraderie they share with Tom and Mary Clare. Of course, everyone enjoys the Four O’clock appearance of Tom in his bow tie serving wine and strawberries. Sometimes the other staff members will assist with this daily activity, usually clothed or partially clothed, but Tom’s participation is always anticipated and met with a jovial spirit and adds to the light-hearted and whimsical environment. Sadly, Tom and Mary Clare recently lost their long time canine companion, Godiva. While she is truly missed and remembered fondly, Godiva’s legacy lives on with the new addition of Jude. The assumed to be German Shepherd and Labrador mixed puppy is quickly growing into her large paws. Of course, switching from a mature and laid back dog to a mischievous puppy is a bit of a challenge to both patrons and owners alike. However, Jude is winning hearts with her vivacious and playful love of her daily visitors and playmates.


  1. Woof, Woof, Woof
    Tom's letting me post. I'm telling him what to type. Here's a photo of me as a baby:

    I am now 10 months old and 65 lbs of fun. I LOVE humans. They're great toys. Come and visit me sometime. My belly needs to be rubbed.

    Woof, woof (that means hugs and licks)

    Nude Jude

  2. Hey Jude, So nice to hear from you. We thought about coming out to visit this weekend but other plans got in the way. Sometime soon though. Can't wait to rub that belly of yours. Take care of Tom and Mary Clare for us.