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Friday, September 10, 2010

Becoming a Nudist - My First Experience

Like many other women, I was introduced to the idea of public nudism by a boyfriend. I had certainly spent time in my youth, within the privacy of my own backyard, sunbathing in the nude and had spent a few gregarious evenings skinny dipping in my pool, or at the lake, with my girlfriends, but the idea of visiting a nude beach or a nudist resort certainly never crossed my mind and seemed rather far fetched. I am a modest person who is very insecure about the out of shape state of my middle aged physique; therefore the thought of exposing myself to a bunch of strangers in broad daylight was a terrifying consideration. However, I remembered those encounters during my youth where the prospect of baring my flesh for the thrill of swimming unencumbered by clothing were met with enthusiasm rather than fear and decided to give naturism a try.

My hopes were to visit a nude beach while vacationing with "M," in a far away place, but alas my plans were spoiled and the opportunity was lost. "M" and I discussed visiting a nudist resort and after much research decided upon a small clothing optional hotel in a nearby resort town. During the reservation process, the owner of the hotel put my fears to rest regarding naked starlets and swingers cavorting around the pool, triggering "M" to suffer whiplash from the tantalizing scenery.

The day finally arrived for my first nudist resort experience. "Would I be able to go through with it," I pondered to myself? Nervous, but determined, I rang the doorbell at the entrance gate. To my surprise, we were greeted by a cheerful man wearing nothing but socks and tennis shoes. He welcomed us and showed us around. The well manicured grounds and seventeen rooms surrounded the pool, where about twenty people of various ages, shapes, and sizes quietly engaged in conversation, reading, or lounging in the warm sun. As my fears were washed away with a complete sense of tranquility and freedom, my clothes quickly slipped off and I welcomed my new experience with an open heart, open mind, and a smile.

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